Fundacja Kultury Buddyjskiej

The Buddhist Culture Foundation was established in October 2022 to inspire and support activities for culture based on the principles of Buddhism.

At the Foundation, we want to work for the positive evolution of both individuals and society.

We believe that a person can improve through his own efforts and spiritual practice.

By developing integrity and kindness, kindness and tolerance, mindfulness and patience, a person becomes able to live in peace and harmony with himself and with others.

The Foundation draws inspiration for its activities from Buddhism, a non-theistic philosophical and religious system whose founder and creator of its basic assumptions was Buddha Shakyamuni, who lived from approximately 560 to 480 BC.

Buddhism is one of the most important ways of understanding both the human condition and the nature of reality in world culture.

It offers people a complete and perfect way to live a conscious, fulfilled, and ethical life.

The Buddhist view of humanity and reality is of particular value and is even more relevant today, in times of unrest and confusion that make life more and more difficult, aggravating problems to be solved.

For over 2,500 years, Buddhists have pointed out that progress achieved through unrighteousness, greed, and anger inevitably brings with it pain and suffering, conflict and disintegration, experienced by individuals and communities alike.

Only actions for the welfare of all beings, actions driven by love, compassion, and concern for their fate, will give us a world in which a valuable and dignified life will be possible, a life lived in connection with other beings and with nature.

That is why the Foundation works for a culture based on the principles of Buddhism. It creates space for such an environment by acting and combining efforts in many different fields.